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 This program is an intensive and highly interactive event focusing on the development of an Innovation Strategy & Innovation Management.






Learn a practical Step by Step method of generating the Next BIG IDEA for your company. 
Interactive hands-on activities will allow participants to experience the methodology of generating innovative ideas and conceptualize a business case presentation.

The course aim to introduce an entrepreneurial mindset for the launch of radical or incremental innovations/improvements in their products or services portfolio



Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:
  • Learn how to be innovators.
  • Understand the importance of the innovation culture
  • Understand the role of the Innovation producer as top lever owner
  • Perform innovation activities answering a real business challenge
  • Learn the importance of Stakeholders and Consumers needs
  • Learn the methods of generating innovative idea
  • Learn how to write a Consumer insight
  • Learn how to create Value Propositions answering to real needs
  • Experience the challenge of selecting the best ideas
  • Learn the fundamentals of preparing a business case.



  • Professionals looking for a systematic methodology of introducing innovation and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Company owners looking to embrace new innovative business challenges
  • Consultants supporting SMEs in developing innovation management capabilities
  • Business managers looking for new opportunities in existing and new categories
  • Commercial managers looking for new ways to do business 
  • Product managers with passion for innovative solutions
  • Project managers wiling to drive the realization of new projects
  • Technical managers looking for a challenge derived from new technologies
  • R&D managers looking for a faster bridge between science and application