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GCP or Good Clinical Practice is a global guide and standard that works for the protection of human rights and the safety of humans in clinical research and trials. GCP training offers the right preparation so as to assure the safety and efficiency any newly developed compounds and the quality of data that is acquired.  A good clinical practice works on the roles and responsibilities of investigators and sponsors.

 Importance of GCP training. GCP is compilation of regulations and laws. In order to understand the complete compliance of the guidelines with all requirements, one needs to  get the right GCP training to understand all the requirements that control human subject research. This intense, interactive workshop covers more advanced Good Clinical Practice topics including common findings experienced in clinical trials in depth and how to overcome and prevent them.



This course will focus on the common issues observed in clinical trials.  Each topic will be covered in detail and go beyond what is written in the guidelines and laws to what is expected of the sponsor by an inspectorate.  The course features many good practices and current trends in the conduct of clinical research at an advanced level.  The course combines theoretical and interactive sessions to maximise the impact of the learning for each participant.



  • The most common findings in Health Authority GCP inspections in your location;
  • What clinical trial processes should be covered by SOPs;
  • The impact and principles of good vendor oversight;
  • Optimal management of IMP;
  • How to avoid Ethics Committee issues;
  • The best practices in obtaining informed consent;
  • How to assess good oversight by a Principal Investigator;
  • How to minimise safety issues;
  • Measures to protect confidentiality of clinical trial subjects;
  • Ensuring data quality by enhancing data management systems.



  • Clinical Research professionals and associates
  • Clinical Scientist / Basic Scientist
  • Clinical Investigators / Principal Investigators
  • Experienced Clinical Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Clinical Study Coordinators
  • Professionals in Clinical trials


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