Clinical Project Management Series I


9 - 11 April 2013, Singapore 9.00am - 5.00pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Series I Course Fee: $2699 or $979 (1 day)

Early Bird Special: $2399 or $949 (1 day) (Before 9 Feb 2014)
Group (>3): $2264 or $899 (1 day)


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This is Series I of the Advanced Clinical Project Management Topics Comprising of 3 Single Day Topics.

Clinical Project Management Series (I &II) for a complete view on this subject. 

Series I Day One will cover developing and implementing a project scope management plan, verifying and controlling the scope. Learn how to plan for quality to ensure efficiency and best practices. 

Series I Day Two will bring you in-depth into the scheduling of a Clinical Project.

Learn the various PMBok Management process in Scheduling and the outputs from these processes. Understand the difference between a WP and an activity; the links used for scheduling; estimating durations / negotiate durations with project team members; creating the schedule; impact of resources on the schedule.

Series I Day Three will bring you into details as how to mitigate project risks with Risk management processes. This topic is especially important as it will help address potential threats to our project to avoid nasty surprises which can make the project turn in the wrong direction. Learn how to identify, address and manage the risk, and create a contingency plan.

These training will combine both theory and practical with latest case studies and processes

It is recommended for professionals looking to gain complete clinical trial project management knowledge to sign up for both SERIES I and SERIES II.



  • Understand all aspects of Project Quality Management and how planning for quality will add efficiency to clinical trials
  • Develop a Project Scope Management Plan and Learn how to implement it by creating a WBS and a WBS dictionary, and understand how to verify and control the project scope
  • Learn how to identify, prioritize, address, and continuously manage project risks, including the development of a contingency budget
  • Know how to effectively create a  schedule for a clinical trial
  • Know how to negotiate durations with their project team members, and how to work with buffers
  • Know how to control a schedule, and to make sure deadlines are kept
  • Deep insight into the PM’s role and responsibility for the schedule and for coordinating a project team working together on a clinical trial



  • Clinical Research professionals and associates
  • Clinical Scientist / Basic Scientist
  • Clinical Investigators / Principal Investigators
  • Experienced Clinical Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Clinical Study Coordinators
  • GCP-focused Regulatory Affairs Professionals



1 year of clinical trial management, or attend The Intensive “Essentials of Clinical Trial Management”



Mr Alexander Gissler
Principal Consultant, Director ProjectPharm Ltd.
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