Corporate Training Solutions by PWAC



PWAC Business Solutions is a Singapore Based Training Solutions Company offering professional training solutions and personal development courses to professionals, corporations seeking improvement and breakthrough.

As trusted experts in corporate and adult learning, we offer targeted, effective and comprehensive solutions that generate productivity, professional growth and a thriving bottom line. Whether you are looking to acquire management, professional and business skills, undertake personal development or gain technical and specialist knowledge PWAC Business Solutions gives you access to the range of courses that will deliver quality assured training to meet your needs.

Our network of diverse skilled trainers and instructors worldwide can instruct in, or create curriculum for your expectations, helping you achieve workforce productivity increase while lowering overall cost of training.

Corporate Systematic Training Process

We Ensure Training Effectiveness




Training Needs Survey / Consultation
Kirkpatrick’s Level 2
(Learning After Training) To measure if learners have learned the training deliverables
Kirkpatrick’s Level 3
(Application After Learning)
Verify/Assess Actual Learning Application
(Pre & Post training Supervisors feedbacks)

Available Corporate Training Topics (Enquire Today For A Free Training Plan)

  • Talent Management, Leadership & Management

    Courses listed are for all levels of Managers and Teams

    The Programs are highly interactive. Fully customisable to meet customer's training needs.

    • Managerial Skill

      New/Intermediate Manager Skill-Set

      • Building Effective Teams
      • Motivating Your Teams
      • Leading Cross-cultural Teams
      • Solving Team Conflicts
      • Present With impacts
    • Interpersonal Communications

      Managing Interpersonal Communications and Behaviour (With different personality profiles)

      • Contextual Communication mind-sets and styles
      • Discovery of your preferred behavioural styles - DISC
      • Strengths and weaknesses of your own styles
      • Adapting your styles to other styles
    • Conflict & Confrontation

      Manage Team Confrontation and Conflict For Performance For Managerial Leaders

      • Sources and causes of conflicts in a team
      • Managers refers in resolving conflicts
      • Assess Styles in Conflict Management style
      • Use appropriate Styles for different types of conflicts
      • Reflect on strength and areas for improvements in Confrontation.
      • Explain right mind-set for Confrontation.
      • Set ground rules for team behaviour
      • Techniques for mediating and resolving conflicts
      • way to prevent conflicts from escalating.
    • Leading with EQ

      Leading with Emotional Intelligence

      • becoming an inspiring leader
      • managing emotions
      • assertive communications
      • emotions and problem solving / confrontations
    • Socially Intelligent Leaders

      Be Socially intelligent Leaders

      • Universal communication principles.
      • Give and receive constructive feedback
      • Effectively negotiate complex social relationships
    • Coaching

      Effective Coaching Skills For Managerial Leaders Managing Performance

      • performance management and performance appraisals
      • process of performance management
      • right mind-set for performance appraisal meeting
      • essential communication skills for appraisal meeting
    • Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Performance Management
      • Performance Management
    • Innovation Creation & Management
    • Idea Commercialisation
  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Managing Clinical Research

    Courses listed are for Multi levels of Managers and Teams

    Fully Customisable to meet customer's training.

  • IT Training Topics

    Courses listed are for Multi levels of Managers and Teams
    • ITIL® Training
      • ITIL® Foundation with Case Study
      • ITIL® Operational Support & Analysis
    • ISO/IEC 20000 Training
      • Details to be updated
    • Prince2® Training
      • Details to be updated
    • Riverbed Training
      • Details to be updated