Dr John Kapeleris

Deputy CEO,
Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC)

Dr Kapeleris has a strong background in biotechnology and commercialisation. He has over 16 years experience in product development, commercialisation, business development and executive management. Early in his early career he was responsible for designing and developing a number of medical products that achieved international market success.

Dr Kapeleris has held numerous roles including R&D Manager, Quality Manager, Business Development Manager, VP Sales & Marketing and Deputy CEO. He has also worked as a Technology and Commercialisation consultant engaged in a number of national and international projects. John was successful in establishing the AIC’s TechFast Program – Accelerating Technology Transfer and Diffusion into SMEs. He has also assisted numerous individuals and organisations with their IP and commercialisation needs and continues to deliver workshops on creativity, innovation, strategic IP management and commercialisation.Dr Kapeleris has numerous publications to his credit including the book Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology, An International Perspective: Concepts, Theories and Cases, 2006, Edward Elgar.



  • Doctor of Biotechnology, 2004, University of Queensland
  • Master of Business Adminstration (Technology Management), 1997, Deakin University
  • Graduate Diploma in Management, 1994, Central Queensland University
  • BSc, Postgraduate Honours, 1988, University of Queensland
  • BSc, Microbiology, 1987, University of Queensland



  • Developed Commercialisation and IP Frameworks for USQ, QLD Department of Education and for the Malaysian Government
  • Delivered a range of commercialisation services to individuals and organisations, including market research, commercialisation strategies, IP audits, information memoranda, capital raising, term sheets, licensing agreements, negotiation, mentoring and professional development
  • Contributed to a number of policy projects- What Makes a Great CRC, Industry Access to University Knowledge and Infrastructure CRC, Industry Access to University Knowledge and Infrastructure
  • Designed and established the TechFast Program for the AIC – Accelerating Technology Transfer using a novel Market-Pull approach
  • International market expansion of medical product range
  • Responsible for negotiating over 100 technology, licensing and distribution agreements internationally
  • Developed and released 16 new products that have met with market success in Australia and overseas, that contributed to the rapid growth of PANBIO



The Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) provides innovation and collaboration services that help organisations grow. Established in Australia, AIC works with entrepreneurs, businesses, research organisations and governments to identify opportunities to convert ideas or intellectual property into successful business outcomes. Using their networks and experience, they deliver services to achieve this by establishing partnerships, improving skills, and providing commercialisation advice.

The AIC is an advocate for commercialisation, and assist government with policy initiatives and thought leadership in the innovation space.

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