About Us

PWAC Business Solutions offers professional corporate solutions and personal development courses to professional who seek improvement and breakthrough in their work.


About PWAC Business Solutions

As trusted experts in corporate and adult learning, we offer targeted, effective and comprehensive solutions that generate productivity, professional growth and a thriving bottom line. Whether you are looking to acquire management, professional and business skills, undertake personal development or gain technical and specialist knowledge PWAC Business Solutions gives you access to the range of courses that will deliver quality assured training to meet your needs.

Our network of diverse skilled trainers and instructors can instruct in, or create curriculum for any standard, custom, proprietary, or industry specific subject. By relying on PWAC Business Solutions and its vast contingent workforce of high-quality learning professionals, clients have increased workforce productivity and lowered the total overall cost of training.


What We Believe


In PWAC, our focus is YOU.

  • Best Specialist in the Industry

We know that you want the BEST SPECIALIST IN THE INDUSTRY, that’s why our trainers are one of the BEST in their respective specialised fields with vast experiences to impart to you.

  • Effective and Dynamic Training in Inspiring and Motivating Delivery

We know that you want the trainings to be EFFECTIVE AND DYNAMIC, that's why our training sessions are formulated with the latest case studies, techniques and tools, conducted in the most INSPIRING and MOTIVATING delivery.

  • Focused training with limited class size

We know that you want the greatest attention and interactions possible from the training, that's why we will have LIMITED CLASS SIZES to ensure you get the attention you need.

  • Most Relevant Training

We know that you want RELEVANT training to cater to your immediate objectives, that’s all our programs following the 3 STEPS process.


3 STEPS Process


ALIGNMENT Align your expectations for the training. Tell us what you expect and as much as possible, we will tailor it to meet your needs. A pre-course questionnaire will be conducted.

ACTION Attend the mind blowing courses and put your learnings into action.

CHECK We know that sometimes, more questions come along the way when you apply what you have learnt into actual work situation. Attend the PWAC Post course Q&A web conference 1 month after the course, and fire your questions away.